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The Southern Appalachian Fund Team
  Ray Moncrief
  President, Southern Appalachian Management Company, LLC and Fund Manager
  Grady Vanderhoofven
  Executive Vice-President, Southern Appalachian Management Company, LLC and Assistant Fund Manager
  Brenda McDaniel
  Chief Financial Officer
  Melissa Muendel
  Director of Operational Assistance Program

Board of Directors
Southern Appalachian Management Company, LLC.
  Ray Moncrief (Chairman)
  Grady Vanderhoofven
  Brenda McDaniel
  Tom Rogers
  J. C. Egnew



Advisory Board
Southern Appalachian Fund, L.P.

Mr. Scotty Baesler

Former U. S. Congressman

6th District of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky

Ms. Lindsay C. Cole

(for Tennessee Commerce Bank)

Resolution and Receivership Specialist, FDIC

Washington, District of Columbia

Mr. Ray Daffner

Manager of Entrepreneurial Development

Appalachian Regional Commission

Washington, District of Columbia

Mr. J. C. Egnew

CEO, Outdoor Venture Corporation

Steams, Kentucky

Mr. Hank Helton

Vice President, Pathway Lending

Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Ray Knotts

Manager, Business Resources,

Economic Development

Tennessee Valley Authority

Nashville, Tennessee

Ms. Clara Miller

President, The F. B. Heron Foundation

New York, New York

Ms. David Serafini

Vice President, NMTC Asset Manager

Tax Credit Investment Group

PNC Center

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania