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General Investment Criteria and Parameters

Geographic Focus: The Fund invests in low-income census tracts in Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Appalachian counties of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi (click here for further explanation).

Company Stage: The Fund invests in early- and expansion-stage companies.

Industry Focus: The Fund has a broad industry focus that includes manufacturing, technology, and software.

Investment Size: The Fund will invest $200,000 - $600,000 in each portfolio company. The Fund will generally invest in two or more tranches or rounds. The timing of any follow-on investment will be based on the accomplishment of milestones by the portfolio company.

Type of Security: The Fund will make an equity investment and will acquire preferred stock.

Investment Term: The anticipated time for holding a typical investment is four - seven years (from date of first investment to date of exit).

Likely Exit Scenarios: The most likely exit scenarios are external sale/merger or internal management buyout. However, other exit scenarios, including IPO, are possible.

Co-investors: The Fund may be a sole investor on occasion, but most likely will lead an investment syndicate or co-invest in a round led by another institutional investor. When and as appropriate, the Fund will co-invest with other institutional investors and with seasoned angel investors.